Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Home Front

So we have been looking at apartments, condos, and houses for months and months now- about a year actually. After the last fiasco didn't work out, Jon and I decided to rearrange some of our plans and priorities. We're going to hold off on trying to own a home right now. We have gone back and forth over whether or not we were willing to relocate and whether or not Jon's masters would take priority over him trying to find a good full time job. If there is one thing I can be greatful for this semester it is that it really helped us prioritize our goals and figure out what we're willing to sacrifice and what we're willing to wait for.

I can't tell you how many times I've reduced what I wanted and expected in terms of what our home would be and the lesson I learned is that as long as we're safe and together, we can make our home comfortable, happy and stressfree (or as little as possible)!

As far as location, initially we intended to move from Cranberry back to Wexford, due largely to the fact that almost everything in our lives is here (my school, my work, the girls preschool, our church, and most of our family), as well as the belief that those 20 minutes would bring our family over more often. Now we know that it wasn't the distance, but everyone's lifestyles that kept them at bay. So we're not letting that weigh too heavily on the location decision.

I spent the better part of today researching apartment complexes. I am now of the opinion that good quality, fairly priced, clean, updated, safe apartments are not a reality. And no one will take a family with 3 cats. Currently, we have some appointments set up for next week to look at places to rent in Bellevue. Jon and I both have some friends in the area who love it there, its only 20 minutes away from wexford, and it's closer to the better Target (that is important). Here's to hoping it goes well and we find one we love!

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