Friday, May 4, 2012

mini update

Brief update!

Another NYR goal achieved: keeping up with the house. Now I realize I still have another half a year to go and I haven't done a stellar job up until this point. But the idea behind this was that I wanted to get our home to a place where I liked it and then keep up with it (in general) from there.

The reason I'm marking this as a success is because I finally took the time to finish a couple of projects around here: unpacking the last few boxes, packing up anything I wasn't going to use in the next year (aka before we move), and finishing picture/shelving projects.

I finally mounted those shelves I bought from Ikea a year ago, and you know what, it looks awesome- aside from the bottom one being ever-so-slightly crooked as I was too impatient, and feeling too empowered, to wait for Jon's help. I'm even thinking of buying a couple more for the living room. I finished hanging up all the pictures I actually wanted to hang up. And I rearranged some furniture and hauled a whole lot of junk out of the girls' room. Sidenote, it may sound weird, but I'm so glad that Jon and I were not always able to give our daughters everything they wanted. It got us into a great habit of teaching them to appreciate and take care of what they have. No one could say they're spoiled. Now we're trying to teach them a little more about money and how to save/spend theirs. This is a connected thought; it came from reflecting on how I like clearing stuff out of their room rather than packing more into it. Anyway, I got rid of about 1/3 of their toys, including one of the two giant bins they had to store it all. In it's place I put a new storage unit (though we have it set up like a desk) from Ikea. I got the idea from a friend of mine who is a genius when it comes to decorating and kid stuff.

Now I'm just focusing on keeping up with day to day light cleaning, which is just in time for the weather change. Less projects = more time spent with my family out and about in the sunshine!

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