Friday, August 9, 2013

Premier Versatility: Using Bracelets as Pendants

I always say that my favorite thing about Premier Designs jewerly is the versatility. I'm a bargain shopper and I love getting a great deal. Stuff that's reversible or has 500 uses... like 31 bags or Windex- I'm all about it. My fellow jewelers are crazy creative and we love sharing ideas. I pass these ideas on when I do jewelry shows, but a common question has been, "does an instruction manual come with the jewelry?!" Now that I'm getting more technology-friendly, I'm devoting a lot of time to providing reminders of what I show off.

This is the first video I made, which shows two ways to use bracelets you may have on hand to create a totally different look. I show two example of the stretchy bracelet method and one for the criss-cross method.

Hope you found it useful!

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