Monday, June 20, 2011

Mount Vernon

If you're not really interested in history, you'll probably want to skip over this post.

This is somewhat of a continuation of the last post; while we were in DC, we made a day trip to see Mount Vernon, also known as Washington's home. I love pieces of history that have been restored or recreated so that they are as close as possible to what they were in their time. So as you can imagine, Mount Vernon was my favorite place that we visited. If only I had been allowed to spend hours there by myself, going in the roped off sections and touching the paintings and fabrics and china for myself. Ah well.

I've seen a lot of the forts and battle sites thanks to living in Pennsylvania, but seeing peoples' homes from various time periods is infinitely more fascinating to me. I love being able to see the fullest picture of how people lived back then. Washington's house was built in the mid 1600's but is currently restored to the last year of Washington's life: 1799. I took tons of pictures, but I'll limit the following to a handful.

This home is set in by the Potomac River and surrounded by luscious, rolling land. It's pretty easy to see why Washington wanted to retire here so badly. After a few minutes of walking in the orchards, you're in love.

These were the buildings around the main house- the stables, smokehouse, salthouse,  washhouse/laundry yard, etc.

Washington's port on the edge of the Potomac.

Bird's eye view of the estate

Some of the stained glass at the admissions building depicting the signing of the declaration of independence

Smokehouse. The lack of modern plumbing and electricity definitely would have been annoying, but man it would have been cool to live during this time. Or at least to go back in time and visit for a bit.

I love the way these quarters are stocked with period-appropriate materials, and plaques that explain their uses.

These are all of the outter buildings. Photography was prohibited in Washington's actual home, unfortunately.

Mount Vernon Squirrel. He was super cute and friendly.

This is a picture of Jon and me with our grandparents. We got to visit them briefly on our way to and from DC.

If you get the chance to go, Mount Vernon is worth the trip. The website is informative and interesting too, if you'd like to learn more:

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