Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheers to my Heart-Muffin!

Tomorrow marks one of my favorite days of the year. Jon is a very low key, low maintenance person (which balances my excess of each), which is why there is not a whole lot of fanfare on his birthday. Sure, he has come up with ideas to have a Renaissance themed banquet where everyone is served turkey legs and drinks out of pewter goblets, and when he was planning Ella's birthday party he found some ideas for a pirate themed one he wanted to try out for himself. But none of these, like so many of his grand schemes, have ever come to fruition. This is partly because I have to bring him back down to reality and remind him that getting the guy who plays the bells to perform at your birthday, might be a little pricey and difficult to fit in our back yard.

For him, I believe it's the one day a year where he can be a little materialistic and point out the things he wants and the things he'd like to try. It's the one day a year he can ask to sleep in, have breakfast made for him for a change, and go on a dinner or movie date and not feel guilty. I hope that in the near future our situation will be able to accomodate all the things I want to give him and do for him, and in the meantime I'm keeping a list. And, in the meantime, his humility and selflessness are precious to me. It's easy to give someone the world when you have it at your fingertips, but when you're stretched thin and still make sacrifices for someone else, those acts are infinitely more valuable. He's given me enough of those to last a lifetime, and yet somehow, he continues to find new ways to amaze me.

I wanted to write something for you, because I think that's how we communicate best, but for some reason, it's all coming out trite, so that will have to wait until the pressure is off.  I feel like we're entering a phase of blissful simplicity, so instead I thought I'd tide you over with something I know you (and probably only you, although I do know of one Kerouac fan who might read this) will enjoy. I think Haikus are generally untitled and I believe some portion of mystery is largely the appeal, but in case these are too vague, each is a memory from the two brief weekends away that we've had since the girls have been born. I hope they take you back.

Pink cherry blossoms
Soft petals fall, intertwined
Hands, weathered and worn

A rush of water
Deafening, thunderous, drenched
A stolen moment

Here's to celebrating the day my best friend came into existance! Happy birthday Snuffy, I love you! :P

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