Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The new place

June and July were busy months! I am still trying to get caught up on posts I promised a while ago, so hopefully those will be popping up in the near future. I really want to get them finished before Jon, the girls, and I are all back in school. Here is a brief rundown on the things that have been keeping us occupied, complete with pictures!

Most of June was spent on unpacking all of our stuff. I started packing to leave our townhome about 4 months in advance. And some of those boxes loaded into the moving van had never been unpacked from when we moved in 4 years before that! This time was completely different. Our new place has about 1/3 of the space our last place had, so the boxes were really making me feel claustrophobic. And I was eager to have a home again. Two months later, and things are still coming along. We have a particularly difficult wall to hang thingson; it's made of brick-like plaster or something. It's been incredible frustrating trying to decorate, but we just bought a special drill bit that will hopefully make things a lot easier. Here are a few pictures of the finished rooms:

View One of the bathroom, minus the commode, which is hidden beside and behind the shelf Erica helped me put together (okay, she built it).

View 2 - the shower. Our bathroom has a lot of personality, haha. It's dark red for one, so it was hard to find anything that I liked and that also matched. But somehow it works. It's also big, I think, but kind of narrow.

This is our backyard, before Jon cut the field. We had quite a few animal residents including the doe and fawn shown here, as well as a groundhog, a family of bunnies, outdoor cats that like to pass through and lots of birds. It's pretty nice because there is a lot of privacy, its completely level (which is a rare find in our location), and the best part is that it's all ours. Our upstairs neighbors get the front porch and we get the back.

View 1 of our kitchen. I shouldn't have been surprised, but our dining room table fits really nicely in our kitchen, even with the butterfly put in. It probably was a bad idea to buy our first furniture sets right before we moved, but God provided exactly what we needed.

View 2 of the kitchen

The girls' room is about done, the living room is almost there, ditto our bedroom, so more pictures will be coming soon. I really wish I would remember to take before and after shots on projects like the one I just completed (our room) but eh hindsight, right? Hopefully I'll keep that in mind when I start some of the bigger ones, like our backyard. I don't know yet if we'll be here one year or two, so I'm still debating about how much to invest in the backyard. But I'd really like to plant a garden (right now I have a garden growing in 4 large pots), put in a small fire pit and put up a swingset.

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