Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update (part 1)

I finally have a spare moment to think back on updates. I was prepared to write about February and maybe half of January. I looked back over the blog to see when the last time was that I provided one. Unfortunately I noticed a trend of "let's skip the update for now." So it seems that I have also the first half of January and December to write about. Oops!

End of November:

I finished out work at NPUC.

We went on a family vacation to South Carolina for Thanksgiving the following week. There was something like 14 of us. So there were a million of amazing pictures taken, which I hope I will remember to post soon ( honestly, I haven't looked at them yet. :[  )

We came home and Jon left at 8 am Monday morning to start his new job at Taco Bell. He came home promptly at 8:30 am, to tell me that the store manager there had decided he would not be a good fit after all and sent him home. We spent the next 2 weeks seeking counsel, going back and forth with the store manager and the district manager, and removing every demand on our side to fit what they needed. It ended with Jon informing both managers that he had to have a job and would work anything they wanted. The district manager said she had not been told that Jon had offered to change anything and would call us back by the next day. We never heard from either of them again. I still can't believe it played out the way it did. I know that this must have been God's design for us all along and each move was necessary to direct our path. But to save myself bitterness and resentment toward how we were lied to and further treated, I avoid thinking about it at all.


Jon started work immediately at Boston Market due to some connections we are incredibly thankful for. That, plus job searching for more hours, better income, and a better fit for his classes, took up the remainder of December.

I mainly adjusted to being a stay  at home Mom again, dealt with finals, and worked my jewelry business.

We had a very humble Christmas, which I exacerbated by randomly giving the girls presents to open when I was too eager. This led us to the decision to have an extremely small Christmas every year, so that the girls would be raised with a better understanding of the real nature of why we celebrate Christmas. Sure, I'd like to shower them and others with gifts throughout the season. But I kind of want them to wake up to no presents under the tree Christmas morning. I want them to associate Christmas with one gift only: that of Christ. And appreciate the day not because they get stuff but because they have an eternity in Heaven to look forward to.

Jon started a job at the Comfort Inn, overnight, on the last Friday of the month. He's been there full time since. It's been a God send, of course, because he spends the majority of those forty hours being paid to study and complete his classwork. Plus breakfast. :]


Jon started a courseload of 5 classes, almost immediately. He works 6 days a week, split between the two jobs. Somehow he has been able to take the Sabbath off every week. God provides. So that's when we see him.

I had no shows in January, but had several to look forward to in February and March, plus promises of several friends and family members, so I didn't worry about it and considered it a month of vacation. :]

I signed on my very first Jeweler at the end of January. She is going to be amazing at this business and I feel so blessed to have had her join under me.

I started classes at the very end of the month.

I filed our taxes, with the majority going into savings. I used a chunk to pay off part of my school debt as planned, and another chunk to pay for car repairs that I still feel I was scammed into. It was a frustrating month for car issues.

... to continue...

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