Sunday, July 8, 2012

.... Part deux

My highschool French rears its ugly head at the oddest of moments, I'll admit.

Moving on.We were on the topic of June highlights.

*I had two successful Premier shows, which were low key and fun. I was a little nervous because I'd been out of practice; I had 3 shows in May, two of which were cancelled, and one of which really amounted to nothing. Long story. So really, it had been over TWO MONTHS since my last show. It was really good though. I finally feel like I'm getting back in the swing of things.

*The girls got to go to a birthday party and we took them to see Annie at the Benedum last week. I was still really sick, so it was kind of torturous for me, but they LOVED it. Also, Sally Struthers of Gilmore fame ("Babette") played Miss Hannigan, which was so neat to see. We were invited to the cast after party, but I was too sick to go. I still feel kinda bummed about that.

*And the girls have gotten to spend a lot of time with Grandma lately. Pam takes them for the day on most Saturdays and they look forward to it all week. It's been nice for me of course, because I get some kiddo-free time, which usually involves getting caught up on housework/house projects. But it's been so wonderful, because I've felt so guilty for years; our parents were not ready to be grandparents- they were all still raising kids of their own. And I felt so bad that we robbed our daughters of having those relationships and memories that were so important to me when I was growing up. But now it seems like things are falling into place. I couldn't be more grateful to Pam for finding time in her crazy busy schedule to see them consistently. It means so, so much to them and to me.

So those are the highlights. Apart from two book posts, it will probably be a while til I post another update- July is kind of jam packed. We've got a lot to look forward to and a lot to be thankful for. Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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