Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

If that were the essay question, my response would be a book report for the most part.

I was trying to save on gas (like 15 miles to the gallon in my car, plus no ac.) and unneccessary expenses (I have a tendency to buy things when I'm out), so we spent the majority of our free time at home. Then wasps took over the swingset, so home became limited to indoors.

And I knew that, with classes starting up again and the girls schedule (school, ballet, etc) and bible study and a bunch of other time commitments, finding time to read would be really difficult. And probably a bad idea, the way I read. So I ended up reading a TON of books. Rather than writing reviews or blurbs on them here, I started a Goodreads account, gave them a rating and if really necessary, wrote a review. I love it- a lot of people have them, so I finally have a steady influx of recommendations. Plus you get a heads up when your favorite authors or series are coming out with a new book, and you can enter to win an ARC (advanced reader copy) or just a free book. Awesome! And there is a feature called listopia, which has lists people have made categorizing books (ie happy endings, YA of 2012, Classics from the 50s, etc). And based on the ratings you give, Goodreads recommends books that fit your interests. I highly recommend this site to anyone who hasn't used it before.

All that being said, out of the dozens of books I consumed, I had few complaints, which was really surprising and refreshing. I've been reading dystopian novels and fantasy. I really enjoyed Starcrossed and Liar's Moon. The third book hasn't been picked up by the publisher yet. The first Graceling book was good, though a little slow at times, and rather disturbing at others. I'll probably read the second book Fire when I get a chance. I read a few historical fiction novels, all of which sucked, I'm sorry to say. Predictable, didn't learn anything, and just thoroughly dry. Poison Study was really good. I'm on the waiting list for the following books, but I've heard they decline. I may change my mind by the time I actually get the book, and let a good thing rest. Why does everyone feel the need to make a book a trilogy. Not everybody (actually few it seems) is cut out to write follow up books. Some people's strengths lie in a strong standalone book. It really diminishes the quality when a sequel fails. I can't enjoy the original the same way, knowing what lies ahead.

The best thing I read all summer was Divergent (and sequel Insurgent). If you liked The Hunger Games, you'll like this. Veronica Roth has a blog that she actually keeps up with too. Right now, I'm reading The Giver series (4th book out soon!) and the Percy Jackson series. I've got a week to squeeze 'em in!

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  1. So much reading! Don't forget to update the bio info about us too!