Friday, January 11, 2013

Twice Loved Review

Twice Loved (Belles of Timber Creek #1)

Twice Loved

Willow Madison and her friends Copper and Audrey taught school in neighboring Texas towns until the Yankees rode in and burned them out. In the midst of fear and chaos, survivors banded together to fight for what remained of their homes. Then word reached the people that the terrible war was over.

Now penniless but still hopeful, Willow vows she will take care of her friends, and her ailing uncle, in Thunder Ridge, Texas, even if it means having to marry wealthy Silas Sterling, a man thirty years her senior. But standing in her way is sawmill owner Tucker Gray, with his enticing eyes and infuriating headstrong manner--the man Willow cannot get out of her head . . . or her heart. Even though her friends beg her not to give up her dream of happiness, Willow is determined to do the right thing for those who are dearest to her. But which path does God want Willow to take: a life of duty and commitment . . . or a life of everlasting love?

My Review: 2/10

Two stars for a pretty cover... and that's about it.  

I was really disappointed with this book. I didnt feel that any of the characters were true to their time period. I dont understand why every period piece I read lately seems to think that the only women worth writing about are firey, feisty women, with a soft side just waiting to be revealed.  

But my bigger pet peeve was the idea regarding marriage, that you can choose 'wrong' and then any chance at happiness, love and a successful marriage are just shot. The bible does not say that you must marry for love or that if you choose the 'wrong' person God wont support your choice. What it DOES say is that if you are faithful to God and follow His word, He will bless your marriage. You cant choose wrong if Christ is at the center. I felt like this book really sent the wrong message. And please, her rejected suitor just decides to pay an outrageous sum out of the goodness of his heart? Totally unrealistic,not to mention it cheapens her choice. Life isnt that easy- she ended up making no sacrifices, having no struggles and no challenges.

And I dont think 49 is that old. Its certainly not decrepit, with brittle, achey bones, baldness and indigestion.

Why bother to read the following books? The author made it perfectly clear who ends up with whom. And based on this, i would imagine there wont be any character development.

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