Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life Just Got Real by Sadie Robertson book review

Life Just Got Real

Life Just Got Real

This book is written by Sadie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars fame) about a teen whose life is uprooted when her father passes away and her mother moves the family to Nashville, TN, from Lousiana. As if adjusting to city life and a new school wasn't enough, A.J. Smith is tossed into the life of Kate Kelly, a wealthy type-A personality who manages her life like it's a career. Kate has a reality show deal in the works and New Girl A.J. is not part of the plan. But God has plans of His own and before they know it, their very different lives are intertwined.

My Review: 7/10

Teens will probably enjoy this book even more. This was a cute read. Though I read a lot of YA, I tend to avoid ones that are centered primarily in the halls of high school. But I was intrigued by the author.

This book was a quick read but still had depth. I'm probably too removed from the target age to understand "frenemies" or why you'd deal with manipulative lying drama queens, because I'd have blown Lauren off from the first. I did like that AJ didn't waste time worrying or analyzing over rumors, but confronted people directly. And I loved the relationship building, particularly with God.

Things wrapped up a little too nicely at the end for me. I didn't find it realistic. And I was surprised that it was already over. I felt like a lot more should have/could have happened. It felt like there was still more to tell.

I would definitely recommend this to teens and young adults.There are not enough books for that age group that model healthy relationships and growing your faith in practical ways.

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