Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Harry Potter inspired wizard wands Giveaway!

I got started making these wands for my daughter's harry potter themed birthday party- they were part of the decorations/props, used in the kids' "charms" class and then eventually party favors as they went home in the goodie bags.

It was easily the most investment with all the materials to make a variety of wands and it was also easily the most fun DIY project that I did for her party. And I did a lot: floating candles, floating Hogwarts acceptance letters, house banners, potions bottles, an owlery, honeydukes, and platform 9 3/4, just to name a few. Thank you Pinterest!

Anyway, to recoup some of cost, and to save some other busy moms some time, I sold the leftover wands which were such a HUGE hit at her party. They went like gangbusters.

Fast forward a year later: I've sold over 1200 wands, introduced new themes like Hogwarts House colors, Elsa/Frozen inspired colors, and wedding inspired colors, and gone international. Shout out United Kingdom! <3 p="">
I've recently launched a Facebook page to share new styles, answer questions, receive feedback and really just share the journey.

To that end, I've set up a giveaway for a set of wizard wands so you can check them out yourselves, because no matter how hard I try, the pictures just never do them justice (as my reviews seem to agree)!

Enjoy! :)

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