Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything else

Apart from the home situation, things have been good! Busy, but good.

I've been loaded up with end of term projects and tests, but two of my three finals were canceled, so as of last night I officially survived my first semester back at school. I won't get my grades for another week but I feel pretty comfortable. God was extremely merciful and Jon was an amazing support system for me. I am glad it's over, though. It was not fun; I enrolled 4 days before classes so I had to scrape from the bottom of the barrel. Next semester, I'm looking forward to taking classes I actually have an interest in.

Jon is really enjoying Seminary. It's been a lot of reading so far, but we're use to that, and it makes him really happy. He got a seasonal job at Target, part time, and just had another interview for a part time position at Home Depot. The hours are kind of crazy and we're relying on a lot of help from family with babysitting to make it work. We're looking forward to a point in time when things slow down, even just a little, but we can't really forsee when that will be, so for now we are just trying to enjoy the ride.

My bible study is on break until January, so I've had a little extra time to myself. This has been used for packing and moving out furniture and little else.

Ella had her Christmas program yesterday, which was just about the cutest thing. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of it. It's been so snowy here lately and I was so focused on getting there on time that I completely forgot the camera. She was dressed as an angel and kept staring off into space watching the TV screens with the pictures, except the last song, which I've heard her singing to herself at home: "Good News." Ask her to sing it if you see us over Christmas. It's crazy to think that next year Lily will be up on that stage with her.

The girls got to see Santa at Phipps Conservatory. Lily asked for a "real puppy" and Ella asked for "a baby brother or sister." What happened to kids asking for barbies or toys??

This past weekend, we took Ella and my brother Dallas to see The Nutcracker. It was kind of long and Ella lost interest a couple of times, but she got so excited to see the Sugar Plum Fairy. She's been asking to wear her tutu for days now and constantly performing parts of the ballet for us, so I'd rate it a success!

I promise I'll get some new pictures up here soon!


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