Thursday, December 30, 2010

Promised Pictures

So it's taken a while, but here are the pictures I promised! We have taken a lot recently, but they have mostly been with Jon's camera and neither of us know how to upload pictures from it yet. The quality puts my pictures to shame though, so those will be worth the wait! To tide you over:

Ella with her friend Tayler (they've been friends since they were 18 months)

After the first snow of the season, Jon and Ella made a mini snowman

First night sleeping in big sister's big girl bed

Marking our progress- the Great Box Wall continues to grow and take over the office.

Cookie making party with Katie and Erica

From scratch!

Silly girl 1

And her partner in crime, 2

After the furniture arrived a week late

This is how our living room looked for 4 days (over Christmas) while we moved out the old stuff to make room. Pictures of our bunkbeds and the dining room table all set up, to come!

Taking Christmas pictures

Christmas morning

Tiana footie jammies

Opening presents

Daddy and EllaBelle

Daddy and LilyBug

Marshmallow pops from aunt Kristyn (I managed to get Lor mid bite)

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