Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A blog makes you realize a few things

... like how you seem so busy and yet you can never figure out where the time went!

We've moved in with Jon's mum, as of last night, but still have a lot of work to do before we are moved out of our townhome. It seems like all I do is pack and unpack. I have to admit that I'm happy we skipped at least one set of packing/unpacking by not renting a temporary apartment.

My hours are getting cut for a least a few months at work. I am still trying to figure out if this is a blessing or a curse.

I started my bible study last night! I am super excited that I managed to get Erica to go with me and I feel so happy to be back doing it again. I do not have enough self discipline to keep up with one on my own but I was really craving some more God in my life. I just feel too busy or stressed or distracted most of the time to initiate it on my own. Isn't that ironic?
Of all the resolutions I made for this year and onward, the one I pray sticks the most is for my relationship with Christ to grow. A lot. I want to keep pace with Jon a little better and I want more peace. Something that I feel really pulls me back is that fact that I feel like I have to censor God out of most of my life in daily conversations. I do it to be respectful of other people (aka, being politically correct) or to avoid coming off as pushy/annoying. But more often than not, doing so only makes me feel uncomfortable and lately I've been wondering how many opportunities I've missed. Opportunities to be used for God's purposes and opportunities to make a deeper connection with the people I see every day, as well as new people that pass my way. This nagging feeling grows every day, so I pray that He gives me the courage and strength to change. I think surrounding myself with people I have Christ in common with (Bible Study!!!) is a good well to draw from. I already feel a little revived after just one night!

My classes start in less than a week. I'm happy to be doing that again with my free time instead of watching Teen Mom and playing online poker. While I can't help but enjoy watching to see if any of those girls have had similar experiences or made similar choices, I can't deny that getting my Associate's is a better use of my time.

There was a birth in the family this week! Happy Birthday shoutout to my newest cousin Nathan Joseph Perkins!

I think that's about all for right now. Things will (hopefully) be drastically different in about 2 or 3 weeks, so I'll have more to share then!


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