Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Address

Today I went to work getting a PO Box set up for us. We are officially out of our townhome at the end of this month, but we are intending to move out sooner. Where are we going, you ask?

After months of deliberation, tons of phone calls, emails, craiglists searches, open houses, apartment magazines, 2 rejected home offers, and lots of prayer... we are moving in with Jon's mom. We have been struggling with making the right choice for a while now and every time we thought we had it, it was pulled out from under us.

We really feel this is what God wants for us right now for a number of reasons. First, it will keep us from choosing our next home out of desperation. There are not a whole lot of people who want to move in the middle of winter, like us, so the apartments we liked were not going to be available until spring or summer. A home we wanted to look at was actually pulled off the market because the seller wanted to wait until spring. Secondly, this might give Jon an opportunity to increase his class schedule at RPTS. We're not sure yet. Spring semester doesn't start until March for him. Thirdly, Lyssa (and the girls) will get all the benefits of Kristyn's new puppy. Lastly, we are making this choice based on faith. We are waiting on God to make it clear what He wants us to do. There is comfort in knowing we cannot go wrong with that.

I already miss having my own home, as I'm packing everything up and planning how to organize our storage. But on the brightside, I will get to learn a lot of handy DIY and home repair tips with all the upcoming remodeling going on.

Almost all of our belongings are being put into storage. We are really sad to pack up the girls bunk beds and our new furniture. And really nervous, too. We have never used self storage before and reading all the tips is really making me afraid that when we go to move everything out, we're going to find it all ruined with mildew. I'm using every tip I can find to help prevent this, but any firsthand experience would be greatly appreciated!

As I mentioned before, we got a PO Box. This is because we are unsure when we are going to move again and would like to have something steady for friends, family, and bills. Check your email for the new address!


  1. Sounds like a well thought out decision. I'm happy for you guys, and you're definitely all in my prayers. Hope to see you soon!!

  2. I miss you already, Anna. You and your positivity and unconditional support. I could really use a little more of that.