Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Courting Trouble Review

Courting TroubleCourting Trouble 

Tired of Waiting for a Match-Made-in-Heaven,
She'll Settle for One Made in Texas

Whether it's riding bikes, catching snakes, or sliding down banisters, Essie Spreckelmeyer just can't quite make herself into the ideal woman her hometown--and her mother--expect her to be. It's going to take an extraordinary man to appreciate her joy and spontaneity--or so says her doting oil-man father.
Unfortunately such a man doesn't appear to reside in Corsicana, Texas.
It's 1894, the year of Essie's thirtieth birthday, and she decides the Lord has more important things to do than provide her a husband. If she wants one, she needs to catch him herself. So, she writes down the names of all the eligible bachelors in her small Texas town, makes a list of their attributes and drawbacks, closes her eyes, twirls her finger, and ... picks one.
But convincing the lucky "husband-to-be" is going to a bit more of a problem.
Join Deeanne Gist for another unforgettable tale and find out whether Essie's plan to catch a husband succeeds or if she's just Courting Trouble.

My Review:  4/10

I did kind of enjoy this book at times. Essie was cringeworthy most of the time, but I think that was intentional. I had to skip reading from the moment when Adam almost walks away but she calls after to him, to the moment they are discovered. I knew what was going to happen and I couldn't stomach reading the build up. I was surprised and delighted by how things ended.

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