Monday, December 10, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Trouble Review

Deep in the Heart of Trouble

Deep in the Heart of Trouble

Texas bloomer girl Essie Spreckelmeyer (Courting Trouble) is still just trying to maintain her balance. The president of the local velocipede club has had her fair share of pratfalls, but her present situation is unusually perilous. Running her father's oil company in this male-dominated boomtown was difficult enough before arrival of handsome, headstrong Tony Morgan. A robust Christian romance

My Review:  4.5/10

I like Essie SO much more in this book, and the change seemed natural. I do like that Essie was going to be given a family even though she had embraced not receiving one. But the subplot of the lynchings was too much. And though I liked some of the ways that Tony was different and flawed, I felt like he changed unnaturally. I don't know, I didn't completely buy into the relationship. And the way that all the loose ends tied up, with his sister's marriage and the deputy being shot and implicated, and the killer having left and obvious trail, not to mention his older brother's demise to begin with, it was all just too easy. Too simply, too neatly wrapped up.

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