Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall update

So here's an update on Fall so far for us:

I (Lyssa) am working full time alternating between 40 and 50 hour weeks. I am tantalizingly close to finishing my first semester at CCAC. For those of you who don't know, I decided to go on a whim in September, and I'm currently working toward my Associate's degree. I have no idea if I'm going to continue on to a Bachelor's and no idea it will be continuous or if I will take a break in between. I also joined a women's bible study this fall, and I love it. I only wish I had more time to devote to it. I'm running behind every week and feel more rushed to get it done than I'd like.

Jon is currently working out the details so he can start seminary for the spring quarter. We're not yet sure if he will be full or part time. Details to come on that when we know them! Jon also joined a men's CLC group. It's like bible study, but more intense- it's a two year commitment and nightly homework of about an hour, with meetings once weekly.

We became official members of our church, Orchard Hill, this fall. That was more Jon's pushing, since I considered attendance for 15 years to be equivalent to membership. As Jon put it, it was more about the level of commitment than about whether this was my church home. And we met some really interesting people out of it!

Ella is making a lot of friends in preschool this year, most of which are little boys. Her class has 4 girls and 12 boys. She already has a "boyfriend" named James. They are inseparable and it's adorable. I can't believe she is already 4 and a half.

Lily is changing a lot and quickly. She has been potty trained for about a month and a half now, so thats a huge relief. After 4+ years, the baby gates are finally coming down (for the most part) and the door knob covers too. It's nice because things are finally able to flow more in our home.

I've developed an obsession with packing. Our lease is up soon; we have to be out by January 31st. We've been saving for two years and have enough for a modest down payment on a starter home or a townhouse of our own. Options are pretty limited this time of year, but we've had fun looking. Right now we're between two homes- pictures to come - and until we decide, I'm packing everything up and getting rid of every thing else. Most of the furniture we have was given to us when we first moved in. We were just starting out and beggers can't be choosers, so we accepted a lot of help happily. Now we're really looking forward to picking each and every piece slowly and deliberately. We're excited to make a home that really reflects our personalities.

Here are some pictures from Halloween:

Lily and her pumpkin.

The girls are in a naked phase.

Alice and her ladybug.

Phil took these last few:

I love the sky behind us.

I love this picture. Amazing, Phil, just amazing.

My girls

I'm hoping to get some pictures and details on our house hunting soon, but these next couple of weeks are kind of crunched with school and bible study and trying to squeeze in friends and family.

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