Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The lost week

This has pretty much been a lost week for us. Each of us was struck down, one by one, with a raging, nasty, painful, debilitating sinus/ear infection.

Somehow, I was able to finish my end of term English essay (with a lot of support from Jon) and Jon was able to do research, apply and meet with the seminary counselor. RPTS does Quarters instead of Semesters (although most people do not attend Summer Quarter), so Jon will actually be starting class in a week. He will be taking two classes for Winter Quarter (I keep calling them semesters out of habit, so if that crops up, don't be surprised) and starting full time in spring.

This week the plan is to get him a job that will work around my school/work schedule and his school schedule.

 On Saturday we are making the final trek to look at the two places (home vs townhome) with Jon's dad and Janie. After that we will pick one and get the papers drawn up to make an offer the following week. I was going to post pictures of the homes we looked at, but after reviewing them, I realized my photographic skill (or lack thereof) did not do them justice. Really, you couldn't tell how creepy some of these places were, or how big some of the rooms were in others. When we pick one, I'll upload pictures of the moving process instead.

In the meantime, we're packing and throwing away a ton of stuff and trying to sell/donate almost every piece of furniture we own. My cowokers were laughing that I was starting to pack 2 and a half months in advance, but I'm glad I didn't wait.  I only get 3 days off a week from work and they're usually filled with running errands and schoolwork and fulfilling various commitments we've made. At best, I'm getting 2 boxes done per day off, which has amounted to almost nothing. In the midst of all this, next week we will be bringing in the Christmas decorations and filling our house with more stuff. So tonight, I'm hoping to pack up the bookcases. That way, we'll actually have a place to put the tree.

I can't believe how fast time is going. It feels like the weeks are melting away.

Since I was working during light up night this year, I really have no recent cute pictures of the girls. So instead, I give you:

The Great Box Wall. So far it has taken the place of a dresser and file cabinet and will continue to grow as we prepare to move. It's bigger than it looks; all the small boxes around the house are shoved in random open spaces, but this spot in the office houses the biggest boxes. I will post more pictures of our progress later.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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