Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, give or take a few days

This week has been jam packed! But I thought I owed at least another post with further detail, especially since there is a decent chance I may fall behind on this blog as Finals Week and Christmas draw closer.

This week Jon was finishing up Seminary enrollment, and I had an overload of schoolwork to get caught up on.

The girls and I were still sick Sunday and Monday. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday. I was supposed to make pumpkin rolls with Ella when I got home Wednesday night, but she was in a bad mood, so we put it off for Thanksgiving morning. Lily insisted on helping, which worked out because Ella was more interested in watching the Grinch after the first roll. Pictures to come on that later. We had so much fun baking that we ended up being almost two hours late to dinner, but we still got to spend a lot of time with both of our families. We are so thankful that our parents and siblings are so closeby.

 The girls spent the night at my parents (where they evidently did not fall asleep until after one) and Jon and I went out at midnight to go Black Friday shopping. It totally was not worth it this year. Since we are moving, we planned to get the girls and each other furniture for Christmas. So Jon and I walked around in a daze and then called it quits before 3 am. Next year, I'm sure we'll have more use for the sales. I did enjoy sleeping on my new pillow though!

I worked all day Friday.

Saturday we went for our final look at the last two homes in the running. Jon's dad and stepmom, Janie, came with us to give us feedback. Thank goodness they did- they caught a lot of things we missed the first two times. We ruled out the house and have since opted for the townhome. When we got home, I managed to pack up almost all of our books and toss out our broken bookshelves so we would have room to put up the tree.

The very next day, I tackled the desk in the living room in order to make room for a potential couch. We ended up not getting it, but our living room looks so much better without the clutter of the desk, that I still feel like I'm walking into someone else's house when I come home every night. Those of you who know what it looked like before will appreciate the otherwise boring picture:

We spent Sunday cheering on the Steelers and decorating the tree.

Last night, we drove out to Ohio to visit Sheely's. I have a new favorite store! I think Ikea still tops out because they have lots of practical space savers and I can afford to shop there more often, but this was a very close second. We spent a couple of hours walking around looking at everything and picking out furniture pieces. Delivery is not for another two weeks, and I don't know if we'll bother to unpack them at our current home, since we'll just be moving a month later, but I can't help it; I am so so excited.

And tomorrow, we are meeting with our agent to make an offer on the townhome. Keep your fingers crossed that she accepts our offer!

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