Wednesday, November 10, 2010

... there will your heart be also

So I have decided to start another blog. I used to have a LiveJournal (thanks to Jon as a first Christmas present) but in the great computer crash of 07, I lost everything, including what I had documented of my pregnancy, which I had done religiously, with the intent to turn it into a book (if only ever read by Ella). I was devastated and took time off from journal-ing. I wrote intermittently in physical journals for a while. In the last year, I got a Xanga, which I blog in privately. Now I am starting a family journal (taking a page out of an acquaintance's book). I thought this was a fantastic idea, as our friends and family are extremely widespread these days. And, unfortunately, since we are all so busy, we don't get to stay in touch with our local friends/family, either. At least, not as much as we want. This is a great way to keep everyone updated on our crazy, constantly changing lives.

As a small token of love to the aforementioned family, I am going to make an effort to type properly, instead of ignoring the rules of punctuation and capitalization as I usually do. I do this without the intent to use it as a bargaining chip to stop the use of prepositions at the ends of sentences, but if it should happen as a fringe benefit, so be it (curse you, Anna, for giving me your English pet peeves)!


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  1. Great idea! Wow, I knew you were busy, but I had no idea just how busy with all of the things you mentioned: work, school, bible study, and of course, the kids and house hunting. That is so cool about Jon's future goals, too. Had no idea about that. I don't know how you do it, keeping up with everything and still making it to Jacob's party on Sat. It was so kind of you all to make the time considering your time is obviously precious and quite limited. Love the pictures of the girls! You guys are great parents. I understand about having a hard time with keeping everyone up to date. You do a better job than me of getting pictures posted. We are alright, just crazy busy ourselves right now. Should be even more interesting when the new baby comes. We feel blessed, happy, and wouldn't change a thing, though. Just can't always get everything done. I'll try to check your blog when I can. Thanks for including us.