Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Goals

I really love a fresh new beginning. Even if it's only psychological, New Years is a new start and I am all about goals and resolutions.

In 2010 the only goal I didn't meet was reading the Bible (as in from start to finish).

In 2011, again, reading the Bible was the only one I didn't complete.

For 2012, it's not officially on my list. But maybe this will be the year I finally get that done. I didn't give up, it just didn't occur to me. I have been doing bible study for the last year and a half, so I think I felt like I was getting enough internalized as I was prepared to handle. There's always room for more though. :]

In 2010, I had 8 goals. In 2011, a whopping 3. This year I'm feeling extra ambitious. I have 12 for 2012 (purely coincidental). To help hold myself accountable in hopes of actually completing them all, I'm posting them here!

2012 Resolutions:

1.Finish 5 goals asap! Transitioning from 50 hrs of work a week to stay at home mom required focus and organization in 5 areas of my life: school, getting the house organized and functional again, getting my new job current, making time for friends and family, and getting the girls on a schedule. I'm about halfway through.

2. Read 25 new books this year (see last post for explanation)

3. Blog more than last year, and more regularly. This should be easy. And it was an unwritten goal of mine for last year, which I also accomplished. So I definitely think this is doable.

4. Keep up with Bible study. This is a challenge. I'm not very disciplined, so this area really needs work!

5.Complete Associate's Degree. I'm not even sure if this is possible yet, and I'm not going to kill myself trying to get it done. But it's on here to keep me focused and because it would be really nice to finish my degree by the end of 2012 and not carry that burden into the next year.

6. Keep going to church regularly. A lot of the errand-running etc is going to fall on my shoulders alone this year. So again with the discipline. The one day I get a break, I need to make sure that I keep up with going. When I'm so tired, it's hard to remember the church rejuvenates me. So that's a goal.

7.Get myself, Ella and Lily baptized this year. This is really important to me. My parents never got me baptized and while I'd always intended to, I never ended up getting the girls baptized either. So it has officially made the list. I want this more than thananything else on my list this year.

8. Keep up with the house. In other words, now that it is clean, decluttered, and organized, clean up every night. It really makes a difference to wake up to a clean house. Sometimes the girls wear me out and I just want to drop into bed. But an extra half hour makes such a positive impact on my psyche, that it's worth it.

9. Make a budget and stick to it. This is not one I can do right away. I've tried before, but with both of us in school and work hours fluctuating, it hasn't stuck. Here's to hoping.

10. Pay off USAA credit card. We pay off our credit cards in full every month, with the exception of t his one. It actually has such a small balance that I could pay it off with savings right now, but I haven't because I wanted to stay motivated to make extra money to pay it off.

11. Make back Premier investment. This is the chunk that I put into starting my own business. I've gotten back more than half so far, so I would really like to finish this asap and start turning a profit.

12. Pay off half of my school debt. This is ambitious, for sure, but this is what I want to use my Premier income for.

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