Friday, January 13, 2012

By Chance or By Design

I finished book #2 today. It was the story of Premier, my company, By Chance or By Design.


It was a lot more interesting than I expected- interesting enough that it stands alone as a good read even if you have no interest or affiliation with the company.

But for me personally, I love this company even more now. I already felt taken care of by God putting me on this path to begin with, but after reading all the details of how the company operates, I feel so amazingly blessed. I already knew that Premier was founded and operates on Biblical principles, but I didn't know how deep that went. It goes very deep. They use much of their profit to support various ministries and missionaries (which was actually the catalyst to start Premier), they use prayer to make big decisions. They put pretty much everything, particulary the best interests of their Jewelers/employees ahead of their "bottom line." And they act with integrity and generosity in every aspect. What a massive change from every job I've ever worked, and what a stark contrast to the position I was in just a couple of months ago. God is so good, so faithful.

As I read the book, I felt a lot more appreciation for this gift and I felt energized and ready to really get into it. I can't wait to see what God brings through this company. And I cannot wait to share this opportunity with others. I can't wait to be used to introduce this blessing to other people too, others who need it as much as I needed it.

It's still probably going to be a slow start for me, because I think I'm still trying to juggle too many things. But I feel encouraged and provided for. God has a plan and a way, and I'm going to strive to delight in every moment of it.

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