Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jewels for a Crown Review

Jewels for a Crown

Jewels for a Crown 

Jenny Price graduated as one of Florence Nightingale's top nursing students. Her assignment: to care for Celeste Harrington, the spoiled 12-year-old daughter of remote and tormented Graham Harrington. Jenny is about to face the most difficult challenge of her life, a challenge that will test the limits of both her skills and her faith.
My Review: 7.5/10
Lawana Blackwell impresses me with her historical concepts. They are not at all trite, tired, worn. This is the first piece of historical fiction I've read featuring Epilepsy in the 1800s. Fascinating.

I thought the end relied a little too much on chance, the relationship buildup was not deep enough and the marriage proposal was rather sudden. Annnd the villain was a little too shallow, predictable, not really creative.

As a side note, it surprised me that Jenny referred to her step dad as just her dad. In this book she seems to think nothing of her real father apart from his being a drunk. Previously, I thought he seemed rather the victim. It just didn't add up to me that she forgave her mother but not her father, and seemed content to wipe him from her memories altogether.
And I still have no idea where the title fits in.

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