Thursday, May 9, 2013

Measures of Grace Review

Measures of GraceMeasures of Grace 

Corrine Hammond, a beautiful pretender, has made her living by conning wealthy men out of their fortunes. But when she accepts God's love, her life is drastically changed. Now all Corrine wants is to make amends with the husband and daughter she abandoned eight years before. And so she sets out for her old home--fearful, yet believing that God is calling her to set things right.

What she doesn't know is that someone is following her--someone who is determined to take her back to stand trial for her crimes, someone who will, by a strange twist of fate, find himself at her mercy. And when that happens, Corrine--and her newfound faith--will face the greatest test of all...


My Review: 6/10

**spoiler alert** 

Completely predictable, of course. Better than the first book though. Jenny's experiences were creepy. Even at ten years old, I would not have put up with a single bit of it. I would not have slept in a dead kid's shrine or worn her clothes or cuddled her dolls or answered to her name. Yikes. I was amazed that she seemed so untouched by it. Just kind of tired and weary. I think that would mess with any kid, or person for that matter.

I thought Corrine's story was not too far outside the realm of believeability and I enjoyed the Christian aspects.

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